Saratoga Rowing Association Dock Rentals and Information

Saratoga Rowing Association is a 501 (C) Non-Profit whose mission is to strengthen our community by promoting the sport and culture of rowing, fostering excellence and integrity in our athletes, and growing Saratoga as a premier rowing destination.

Your Summer 2020 Dock Slip rental goes directly to our organization and helps us ensure we can continue to offer high-quality programming to the community!

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About SRA

Information about Saratoga Rowing Association can be found HERE!


For the rental of dock slips between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
Move-in is permitted the Thursday before Memorial Day, and move out is required by the Tuesday after Labor Day.

  • SRA reserves the right to revoke a rental for inappropriate conduct at a youth organization.
  • SRA reserves the right to revoke a rental for harassment of membership
  • There will be no lounging on your boat while at the dock. If you come to your boat, you are expected to prepare your vessel and then leave the dock.
  • We are not permitted to have restrooms or portable toilets at this time. Please plan accordingly. You will still have access to the dumpster to throw away garbage.
  • If you decide to sleep on your boat, you must do so while out on the lake. Sleeping on your boat while it is tied to the dock, WILL NOT be permitted.
  • The buildings on site are off limits to all but the staff of SRA.
  • Please use common sense when going to and from your dock. Those exiting the dock have right of way.  If someone is coming off the dock, step to the side on one of the fingers, or wait on land and then proceed once you have a clear path to your boat.
  • When parking your vehicle, please make sure before you exit that there is 6’ of space between you and someone packing or unpacking in a neighboring vehicle. If there is not enough space, you must be patient and wait to exit your vehicle.  You may drive your vehicle down to the dock entrance for unloading, but all parking for boatslips is on the 9P side of the building.  Vehicles left in the right-of-way will be towed at owners expense.
  • The slips are available ONLY between the Friday before Memorial day to the Tuesday after Labor day.  SRA reserves the right to charge $50/day additionally if boats are not removed by midnight on the Tuesday after Labor Day.  Warnings will be sent out via email, but by choosing to dock at SRA you accept the late retrieval fees.  Those wishing to arrive before the open date should make contact with SRA to see if the slip is available.  They are not guaranteed, but sometimes available early

 **If you have any questions or concerns, please ask before submitting payment. We expect full cooperation. These rules are for your safety and the safety of those around you. Please note, these rules can be changed based on federal/state guidelines OR if SRA sees fit to make changes. Until then, these will be in place for the 2020 summer boating season.